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6 Simple Ways to Cut Down On Your Coffee TrashVinePair

The early 2000s must have seen hundreds — if not thousands — of articles promising consumers that if they “cut out their coffee shop habit” they could save thousands of dollars each year. Today, while many are still searching for an extra hundred dollars in every monthly budget, other priorities have surfaced, and complicated many daily habits even further.

While it may have been easy to justify that daily coffee spend as a “treat” or even “fuel,” it’s harder to accept the waste that purchase will create, and the pile of plastic containers a month of to-go tea really creates.

Thankfully, many companies have moved away from styrofoam containers, which take millions of years to break down in a landfill. While the switch to paper cups may seem like a breath of fresh air, each one is actually lined with a thin layer of plastic, making it impossible to recycle.

The only way that these cups can be recycled is through an expensive, time-consuming process where the plastic lining is carefully removed from the paper cup. More often than not, this process is quickly skipped, and that “eco-friendly paper cup” ends up on trash island.

Mix that with the waste from plastic coffee lids, iced containers, and straws — then multiply it by the millions of “I Hate Mondays” groaning consumers — and you’ll see the bigger picture.

Any step you can take to cut back on your daily coffee trash can lead to a more sustainable future. By choosing reusable, non-plastic containers, you can make a small dent in the war on trash and carve out a new routine with sustainable tools.

Read on for our favorite reusable coffee and tea products, all of which will be discounted in our Sustainability Week Sale. Check out the whole lineup here, and look forward to 20% off when you use the code GREEN20 at checkout!

Cold Brew and Iced Tea Carafe

Cold Brew and Iced Tea Carafe

While scoring a gallon of iced tea or coffee at the grocery store may seem like the perfect morning hack, the habit will quickly create a ton of waste. Instead, by brewing your own coffee or tea at home in this Carafe, you can keep your fridge stocked and cut back on trash.

The carafe can hold up to 1.5 liters, and is made of glass and stainless steel. Best of all, the lid includes an easy filter so you won’t have to worry about straining out loose leaf tea or coffee grounds, and can simply pop your favorite version in the fridge to steep overnight.

Buswell Collins Glass

Buswell Collins Glass

Today, cold brew can be found almost anywhere you find hot coffee, but when taken to-go it’s almost always served in a plastic cup. To skip the trash and elevate your serve at home, look to these Buswell Collins Glasses.

They’re dishwasher safe so cleanup will be as easy as tossing out the to-go trash — but a lot less guilt-riddled. They’re also perfect for highballs or quick, iced cocktails so you’re sure to reach for them all summer long.

Ceramic Infuser Mug

Ceramic Infuser Mug

This mug is one of our favorite morning go-tos, and it’s a perfect pick for tea drinkers. Buying loose leaf teas can be a hassle because you’ll need to keep a pack of tea bags on deck, so cups with built-in infusers are always a great hack.

This option features a bamboo top that doubles as a coaster, and a sturdy, stainless steel infuser. Stainless steel is one of the best materials to look out for because of its long lifespan, and here it really simplifies cleanup.

Speckled Ceramic Mug

Speckled Ceramic Mug

This mug is a great reusable option that is sure to put a smile on the face of any latte — or hot toddy — lover. Available in pink, blue, or green it’s a great excuse to skip the café and brew a cup at home.

The speckled gold details will brighten up even the deepest pot of dark roast, and the ceramic structure will naturally keep your drink warm. Look to these cups when serving your next cappuccino, mulled wine, or even hot chocolate.

Winter Warmer Cocktail Mug

Winter Warmer Cocktail Mug

If ceramic cups aren’t quite your style, maybe gold-plated mugs are. These Winter Warmer Cocktail Mugs are made with gold-plated stainless steel and glass, and perfect for serving anything from an Irish Coffee to a piping hot cup of chamomile tea.

Customize their presentation by stacking up all your favorite aromatic garnishes, or just use them to brighten up an exceptionally grey Monday. Either way, whenever the time arrives, they’re sure to come in handy.

Chilled Infusion Carafe

Chilled Infusion Carafe

Looking to start your day with a little spa water? These infuser carafes are great for creating all your favorite iced beverages like herbal teas, flavored waters, or even Sangria.

Made with high-quality glass, this infuser bottle is sturdier (and thus more eco-friendly) than cheaper plastic options that may fall apart after one use. Instead, you’ll be able to reach for this infuser time and time again and learn how to make all your favorite beverages from home!

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