Cherry Coke Chocolate Cake

Cherry Coke Chocolate Cake

A lot of us love a deliciously moist chocolate cake, but the development of Cherry Coke takes it a step further. Coca Cola Cherry adds an excellent depth of flavour that’s highlighted through maraschino cherries. This cake is amazing as being a teatime treat or as being a tasty dessert.

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300 grams of unsalted butter

150 grams cacao powder

450 grams of sugar

Four eggs

400 grams sifted flour

One tablespoon vanilla flavoring

220 millilitres of milk

One teaspoon individuals who’re

Pinch salt

225 millilitres Cherry Coke

One 250 gram jar of maraschino cherries, reserving 50 millilitres within the liquid.

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Preheat the oven to 185ºc making formulations an in-depth cake pan through an easy greasing. Alternatively, you can create a layered cake with two sandwich tins.

Cream the sugar and butter obtaining a paddle attachment until it’s fluffy and lightweight-weight. Beat eggs while using the vanilla and add this progressively for that creamed butter.

Sift the individuals who’re, salt, flour and cacao. Within the jug, mix the milk, cherry liquid, and Coca Cola Cherry. Mix the flour and fluids towards the butter mixture alternately. Chop the cherries and fold these to the batter. Pour your cake batter towards the prepared tin and bake for roughly forty minutes. Shallower sandwich tin cakes will need some a shorter time, so monitor them. A skewer placed towards the center can come out clean. Awesome the dessert completely round the wire rack.


Nothing states tasty chocolate cake like a chocolate frosted Cherry Coke chocolate cake. To frost your cake, create a simple cherry chocolate ganache. Simply melt 225 grams of proper quality chocolates within the double boiler. Once the chocolate has completely melted, take it off of heat to awesome slightly before adding 110 millilitres of double cream. Stir before the ganache is well combined. Stir through two tablespoons Maraschino cherry liquid and let the ganache to awesome.

The ganache will thicken since it cools, so it may be put crazy in the chocolate cake, or let it thicken after which utilize it to sandwich two halves in the cake together, disbursing all individuals other ganache on top and sides as frosting. Prior to the ganache sets, us us us dot the very best side of the cake with Maraschino cherries.