Cooking with Tradition: Elevate Your Dishes with Traditional Basmati Rice

Cooking with Tradition: Elevate Your Dishes with Traditional Basmati Rice

Indian basmati rice is one of the most sought-after commodities that is craved by millions across the world, and it is mostly due to the unique characteristics and flavours that it bring to the table. India, as a country, features several different varieties of rice that are available in one capacity or the other, but it is traditional basmati rice that manages to pull off a solid lead.

Texture, length, and aroma are three of the main distinctive characteristics that define authentic basmati rice, and traditional offerings feature decently long grains that are extremely aromatic and flavourful. In certain cases, these types of rice can be consumed without extensive side dishes, making them the item in itself.

Nowadays, we all are familiar with the various dishes and delicacies that can be prepared out of basmati rice, but do you know that there are several major health advantages that they bring to the table as well? You see, there are a number of medical advantages that basmati rice brings to the table, thereby elevating your dishes to make them that much healthier in the process.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the various health advantages that traditional basmati rice brings to the table in 2023, and as health-conscious individuals, why you must consider them. So, let’s get started.

Ayurvedic advantages of Indian basmati rice.

Ayurveda and other Ayurvedic medicines rely heavily on neutralizing the various doshas that our bodies accommodate on a regular basis. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are three of the doshas that are commonly regulated and controlled by basmati rice. In fact, you would be surprised to learn that there are very few food items that can manage three of them in one go, making them extremely sought-after.

Sattvic diet plays a major role in the wider aspect of Indian cuisine, and authentic basmati rice holds the upper hand in that aspect of things as well. Since they are so nutritious, yet so easy to digest, they are a must-have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet without negatively affecting their health in any manner whatsoever.

The advent of brown basmati rice.

Yes, this is indeed a thing that is gaining quite a lot of traction in this day and age, and if you are someone who is looking to enjoy a variant of basmati that doesn’t just feature a nutty aroma, but heightened levels of fibres as well, this one might just be the thing for you.

Unlike traditional basmati rice, brown basmati retains its outer layer, thereby the chewy texture and unique flavour. Both soluble and insoluble fibres can be found in ample quantities in this form of rice, something that can help our digestive systems extensively. It is true that these aren’t as widely available as other variants of this rice, but careful searches can yield some of the best results there are.

Good for diabetics.

It’s no secret that offerings like Kohinoor traditional basmati rice are rich in carbohydrates and calories, and while they would prove to be bad for diabetics in isolation, the fact of the matter is that these rice variants possess several dietary fibres and nutrients that can help reduce the overall speed of the metabolic process as well. This turns out to be one of the main factors that makes them suitable for diabetics.

The notable presence of compounds like amylase and protein pushes them down the glycaemic index, thereby making them appropriate for consumption by individuals who are diabetic in nature since it helps keep their blood sugar levels under check.

Essential for weight management.

A positive interpretation of weight loss and rice doesn’t fit well in the same statement, but when it comes to Indian basmati rice, things start to get pretty interesting. Natural dietary fibres are known to have a reducing effect on the overall digestive process, something that means that the overall rate of digestion is slowed down greatly. What this translates into is an aversion to random hunger pangs and cravings that we keep getting from time to time.

Since we would be consuming less junk than what we would’ve otherwise done, it can be said that something like Kohinoor traditional basmati rice really elevates our diet in an effective and efficient manner.

Controls blood pressure. 

Potassium and Magnesium are two of the most important elements that are directly credited with the regulation of blood pressure in humans, and you would be surprised to know that authentic basmati rice contains both of these in ample quantities. In fact, Potassium is known to widen the blood vessels, thereby boosting the amount of blood that is being circulated through our bodies.

Final take: 

As far as elevating our diets to make them healthy goes, Indian basmati rice offers some of the best bargains there are. Not only are they extremely tasty, but pretty good for our health and well-being as well. Basmati is something that is as Indian as it gets, so a quick search online should help you learn about the best brands and offerings there are. Get your pack of the best basmati there is, today!