How to Make Sea Buckthorn Juice?

How to Make Sea Buckthorn Juice?

Sea buckthorn berries have been used over centuries as traditional medicine and food. The berries are extremely nutritious; which is why they are consumed as alternative medicine widely for a plethora of ailments; despite the lack of research support and clinical evidence. 

Although these berries are edible, they are almost always astringent, sour like a lemon or cranberry, as a result of which, popping a few berries directly into the mouth is not a palatable option for everyone. Sea buckthorn is, therefore, often blended with sweeter ingredients. 

Some commonly produced commercial products using sea buckthorn are nutraceutical oil capsules, cosmetic creams,  juice, tea, jam, puree, beer, sauces, pies, ice cream and so on. 

Sea buckthorn juice is healthy to consume on a daily basis and easy to prepare, which makes it a a popular way of consuming the berries. The juice is usually made from pressing the fleshy tissue of the fruit. It is high in Vitamin C, Carotenoids; zeaxanthin and β-carotene and suspended solids.

Below mentions a common way of making a quick sea buckthorn juice that does not require added sweeteners. The steps mentioned below remain constant for most juice making recipes! 

1] Fetch about 2 cups of berries from the freezer and rinse thoroughly until they begin to thaw. 

2] Add the berries to a blender and blend well with little bit of water.

 Use a high powered juicer or blender without water if you prefer to make a puree, to which, you can add sweetener if you choose, or add this concentrate to any juice blend recipe you like. In this case; you can use a slightly wider mesh strainer to remove any seed residue. 

3] Using a strainer; separate the pulp and seeds from the juice. You can squeeze the remaining pulp in a cheesecloth to make sure no juice is wasted. 

4] The most commonly used sweeteners used to balance the sourness of the berries  include maple syrup, agave nector, and honey, . 

A method used to pasteurize the juiceinvolves use of heat, which leads to loss of nutrients. It is worth noting that sea buckthorn’s high astringency and unique chemical components means it is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal and can last several weeks if kept cold. 

Although the process seems easy; one might not want to be left with the remaining pulp and seeds and prefer a ready made juice. These consumers can purchase pure sea buckthorn  juice that is cold pressed directly at the farm and quickly frozen for maximum nutrient availablity.   A popular online store that sells quality cold pressed sea buckthorn juice is Omega Fruit

Sea buckthorn being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can boost your immunity, help you fight diseases like diabetes, heart dysfunctions, blood pressure, cancer and may even be good for skin, hair and slow down the aging process. So; get your sea buckthorn products now and reap its benefits!