Six Indicators of Meat Quality and Freshness

Six Indicators of Meat Quality and Freshness

When you buy red meat, you want to ensure you get a piece that is bright red. However, you should know that fresh meat can also be purplish colour. During exposure to air, the pigments in meet react with oxygen, forming the red colour you probably know well. But what if the meat is brown? Is it still safe to eat? Keep reading to know what to look for when you buy fresh meat:

Meat Colour

The right meat colour depends o the kind of meat you are getting. If you are buying red meat, ensure it is dark in colour like purple, brown, or red. The meat can turn brown after exposure to oxygen, but it’s still safe to consume. Game meat needs to be dark brown to be safe to eat while pork meat must be light blushing pink. If you are ordering meat and having it delivered to your place, make sure you choose a reputable supplier. For instance, with Papa Earth steak delivery, you can be sure high-quality, fresh meat is delivered to your doorstep.

The Smell

When it comes to determining the freshness of meat, the smell is the best indicator. You will never want to buy meat that smells like rotting flesh.

Clean Cuts

How meat is butchered can indicate its quality. When you shop for meat, get smooth, uninformedly sized cuts. Do not buy meat with jagged edges, especially if you are buying poultry. If you want chicken that does not have small bones, buy higher-grade chicken cuts.

The Surface of the Meat

When you examine red meat, you notice meat fibres with grains that indicate whether the meat is tender or tough. Meat that has a lot of visible muscle fibres is tough and flavourful. Choose this meat if you want to cook it slowly and at low fire. When you purchase beef tenderloin, you won’t find such grains. When cooked, your meat will be tender.

Meat Fat

Meat that has fat streaks and white flecks throughout the muscle is juice and tender. Such fat is known as marbling. Meat with finer marbling tends to be tastier. When it comes to beef, you get the flavour and tenderness of Wagyu beef won’t disappoint you. But this meat is more expensive than others.

Meat Texture

Fresh, high-quality beef is dense, dry, and firm. Its uniform muscle fibres are tightly packed. Poor quality or poor handling causes meat to look like it is falling apart.