What Makes Pizza the Ultimate Comfort Food?

What Makes Pizza the Ultimate Comfort Food?

The intensely cheesy flavour that spreads in the mouth as you take a bite of that perfect triangular crust! The aroma of fresh herbs, crushed tomatoes, garlic spreading through the air! Isn’t Pizza a magical creation! You might be elated or intensely upset; pizza is perfect for every emotion. It warms up the heart and satisfies the soul. 

So many of us choose pizza as our ultimate comfort food. With Mac and cheese, spaghetti, waffles, meatballs all competing to be our go to; what makes pizza the unrivalled choice? Read on to know. 

A] Pizza for every taste 

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to comfort food. Some like Mexican, some Thai, some Chinese! Pizza is for every taste! it is very versatile; for instance, by adding some Thai-seasoned chicken and savoury pizza sauce, a pizza can give the Thai flavour. If you are a vegetarian, a pizza can have grilled veggies and arugula; for a meat eater; pizza can be topped with grilled and crunchy chicken pieces. In this way, pizza can satisfy every taste bud! 

B] Pizza is for every occasion 

If you are having a bad day; pizza will fix your mood; if you are partying with your friends, pizza will bring up the mood! Pizza is apt for every occasion! You will seldom find someone who does not like Pizza; so, nothing can go wrong with different types of pizzas for any event whatsoever. All you must do is order from reliable source like Double Pizza restaurant and have a scrumptious and freshly made pizza right at your doorstep. 

C] You do not have to share!

If you are someone who relates with “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE HIS FOOD” Pizza is the best option for you. In Italy, it is traditionally considered rude to share your pizza. Pizza comes in a manageable size and doesn’t have to be shared. 

D] Pizza fills you up 

One thing that comfort foods share is that they all fill you up and leave you satisfied. Pizza is no exception! Additional to being delicious; pizza also sufficient for your stomach! Despite this; even with a heavy stomach; you might not be able to stop yourself from grabbing another piece just because you can never have enough of it! 

Pizza reminds you of home, friends, joyous and stressful times. It never fails to make you feel that everything will fall right back in place.