Why Welsh Cheese Is So Popular

Why Welsh Cheese Is So Popular

With quality ingredients from and around the heart of Wales, Welsh cheese is popular in supplying a range of seriously good cheeses, from strong cheddars to softer recipes. Plus, with over 60 different Welsh cheeses to choose from, sourced from cows, ewes and goats, finding your new favourite won’t be too difficult.

Hard Cheeses


A white crumbly cheese holding a fresh citrus flavour, Welsh Caerphilly first originated from the Welsh town of Caerphilly. Matured for a long period of time, this cheese offers a unique depth of flavour to the palate. Perfect for melting and grating, enjoy the Caerphilly cheese with your favourite cheese meals. This cheese was originally made to find a solution in making milk last longer and extremely popular with Welsh coal miners to enjoy as a snack.

Black Sheep

A subtle sheep cheese, offering a distinctive nutty tang alongside an undertone of sweetness. Want to make a creamy cheese and tomato pasta sauce? Place the black sheep cheese in the oven alongside tomatoes, garlic and olive oil to create a sauce for your next pasta dish. Made from using ewes’ milk, the black sheep cheese sits well on pizza too!

Soft Cheeses

Cenarth Brie

Creamy and gooey with highlights of a mushroom flavour, the Cenarth Brie offers a velvety soft texture that grows with age. The flavouring of this classic Brie is soothing and mellow, with hints of fresh mushrooms and butter, leaving a creamy finish.

A Cenarth Brie cheese is best served at room temperature with a side of crusty bread and a dry rose. Looking to use in cooking? Why not combine with bacon and cranberries for your next pastry pie.

Peli Pabo Plain Goats Cheese

Stored in a bundle of pearl shaped balls, the Peli Pabo Plain soft goats’ cheese has a delicate flavour and marinated with sunflower oil, keeping them soft and packed with flavour. To enjoy the most out of this cream cheese, serve with homemade crusty bread or perhaps bake in your favourite tart recipes. If you’re a fan of a little spice, try the Peli Pabo with Chilli for that extra flavour.

Smoked Cheeses

For that additional flavour, try some smoked traditional smoked mature cheddar cheese. With an intensely smoky flavour, smoked cheeses can offer a creamy texture. These cheeses can be grated, enjoyed with a selection of finest crackers or used in your favourite cheese recipes to get that perfectly melted top.